A Day in the Life of Sara, on bike

I’ve been riding my bike a lot to work recently, knowing I won’t be able to ride so easily to my new job. Taking advantage of my baby, if you will. I park her in the parking garage while I’m working, to keep her safe. She likes it there. One evening last week I’m heading out, and there is a steep very curvy exit ramp out of the garage. There is also a gate at the top of the hill that folds down when you leave to let the cars out. As I’m heading up the hill, I note that I’m behind one car and then I hear another car come speeding up the ramp behind me. I better hightail it up the ramp to avoid getting run over. As I near the gate, one car is leaving. Notably, the person behind me speeding up the ramp is the Director of my office.

Now, I have no idea what in the world would have possessed me to do something like this, but for some reason my mind told me to follow the car in front of me out and over the gate while it is still down. Keep in mind that this is never something that has crossed my mind in the past. In fact, when I happen to leave behind a car and the gate is down, I have never once thought to myself, “oh, I should follow the car over the gate!” Why? Because the gate could come up on you folks. That is why. Now, I don’t know if I was trying to show off for the Director behind me, or if I was scared he was going to hit me, or a combination of the two, but I thought I’d be cute and test my luck.

I follow the car over the gate. As if in slow motion, as the front of my wheel hits it, it starts to raise. But I don’t give up. I’m going to see if I can make it over this gate before it is fully upright.

One wheel made it over the gate. I’m honestly not even sure how one wheel made it over, being that it was virtually upright at this point. But it did. I fell over, the bike is straddled over the gate, and I look behind me to the Director who is just staring at me with a big “O” on his face. I wave at him noting that I’m okay, as if this is just a normal everyday occurrence for me. As this is happening, a girl walking by witnesses the whole thing and has to get her two cents in.

Girl: I can’t believe it just did that to you! (literally)
Sara: I can’t believe I just did that to myself.

Realizing I’m not injured at all, I then speed off into the sunset. Very gracefully I might add.

Miraculously, I was okay. But my bike is not; she has a lot of scratches and red paint from the gate embedded into her frame. It’s really quite sad, but I guess the damage could have been worse. And of course, I made a complete fool of myself in front of the Director of my office. Good thing I’m leaving.

Just another Day in the Life of Sara, on bike.


3 Responses to A Day in the Life of Sara, on bike

  1. Nicole says:

    I take no joy in your embarrassment but I sure did laugh when I read this story. You should post more!

  2. JK says:

    i agree, i laughed out pretty loudly too. sorry about your bike though 😦

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