Easter weekend summary

Hello readers. And how is everyone doing? How was Easter weekend for you all? Mine was fun. Went home to good old Connecticut to spend some QT with the fam, always a lively bunch. Here are some highlights:

Bright and early Friday morning I was able to help install a new refrigerator for the parental units. As I’m overseeing the movers installing the fridge, a random dog walks into the house. I look up and there is a panting springer spaniel in front of me. Later I found out that it was a neighbor’s dog. Slightly amusing.

While at home I was also blessed with the opportunity to view my father’s newly claimed artwork. This is not a joke. It is hanging on the wall.


Yes, that is a tissue coming out of the nose. Does everyone have such amusing family members?

Going home is usually fairly chill and relaxing, a nice break from city life if you will. A time to revive my liver and get some much needed R&R. This time I went on a few runs, hung out with friends from home, and spent time with family which is always nice. In fact at one point I noticed I hadn’t left the house in 3 days. And I was totally fine with that.

At one point a friend was over visiting, we’ll call her Ant, and a discussion ensued about her idea to do the Amsterdam half marathon in October. I asked some questions and sounded generally interested, given that I wanted to travel for a half marathon sometime anyway. But when I say travel, I mean Napa Valley or somewhere in the US. In no way did I intend to do my first half in Amsterdam. Jokingly I thought, Ant said she’d sign me up later that day. Sure enough, a few hours later I got the notification that she had just paid 46 euro (no small dime) to sign me up for the race. Seriously? Who does that? Ant. Ant does that. So apparently I’m doing a half marathon in October.

See you in Amsterdam.

2 Responses to Easter weekend summary

  1. JK says:

    where can one buy that kleenex holder??? i totally want one!

    ps good luck with the marathon! think of it this way, you can give your liver an amazing workout after the race! 🙂

  2. Nicole says:

    Love the random dog and love your father’s artwork. The end.

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