new development

Guess what guys. Hot Married Yoga Instructor is officially divorced. Which would partially explain his flirty nature and why he does not wear a wedding ring. No idea how long he has been on the market again, however, Mo the master investigator informed me of this development over the weekend. And it came from official sources. Let’s keep in mind that I did just see him and his wife at the Meridian Hill Park drum circle last fall, so this must be a more recent development.

Game on.

Okay I’m just kidding. Even though he is ridiculously flirty, he actually has groupies because of his English accent, sense of humor, and hands on approach to yoga. Girls wear makeup to his classes. So I am not the only woman who had/has a minor crush on this guy. Knowing he was married, of course, I gave up on the crush; so I just say whatever and treat him as any other yoga instructor. But this is not just any other yoga instructor, folks. This is Hot Divorced Yoga Instructor.

We’ll see how class goes tonight with this late breaking development in mind.


2 Responses to new development

  1. JK says:

    he could have gotten divorced b/c he’s gay… 😉

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