Capital Bikeshare

I’m sorry, but I’m having a blast with this PoP article.  It’s about Cap Bikeshare (or CaBi; as it should be called in proper DC acronym speak) and the recent lack of bikes, specifically in the Columbia Heights [CH ;-)] area. I myself, being a proper member of UBG, own my own bike. However, I was thinking of getting in on the most recent Living Social deal as it was $35 for a year pass rather than $75, or something along those lines. Great deal if you ask me. However, I was worried about lack of bikes given the influx of riders. Apparently, my concern was legit. But reading the comments on the post, I am just having a blast. I tried to put them all into my gchat status but they won’t fit; there are just too many solid winners. So instead I am going to list them on this blog so I can go back and laugh at them in the future. DC, you are funny.

In order of comedy (a la David Letterman Top Ten):

#5) You probably need to read the string of comments to find this funny. Apparently there are a lack of bikes in CH because no one wants to ride back up the hill from U Street to bring the bikes back.

Next Sunday night I’m gonna empty out the bikeshare station in CH by taking all bikes downhill to U St. and come back in the morning just to capture the reactions of the commuters.. would make an awesome social experiment/documentary.

#4) Sounds like the system is working well…

“No bikes on a Monday afternoon” (all the neighborhood members/comumters picked them up) & “no spaces on the other end” (Sounds like the parking lot is full)

#3) CaBi? Really? Come on. I’m on my way from CoHi to NoMa via CaBi. Jesus.

#2) Those people who ride those clumsy red bohemoths are more of a menace than your run-of-the-mill cyclist who knows how to ride a bike but simply neglects every single rule of the road.

Many CaBi riders both don’t know how to ride bikes, and also neglect every single rule of the road. It’s a dangerous combination.

So true.

#1) Post discussion about benefits of Cap Bikeshare vs. owning your own bike.

Buy a used road bike on CL for about $150. Then you can park it anywhere and ride it for as long as you want. Plus, it won’t weigh 40 pounds.

  • Subcomment to #1) Then you can park it anywhere and ride it for as long as you want for a whole week before it gets stolen. BOOYAH

Good times PoP, this is why I love you. On that note I’m going to go download the Spotcycle app to monitor station availability for potential buy in. I love biking! 🙂


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