A few words of wisdom to my fellow Feds in the event of a government shutdown tonight:

  • Assuming that during the furlough and after, we may not get paid, consider getting on what is called the mealplan. If in a relationship or married, pretend you are single. You’d probably fit in with the majority of the population on anyway.
  • When leaving the office tonight, avoid the media like the plague. Given how political this whole ridiculous scenario is already, no need to get yourself more involved than you already area. Think FOIA.
  • Refrain from spending money as you normally would over the weekend. That probably goes without saying, because, as an FYI – we are out of a job on Monday. Only in the US of A.
  • And since what we are all really worried about are the tourists in this situation, a friend sent me this link to help everyone along with their sightseeing plans in the event that everything is shutdown. Luckily, it works for us common folk Feds as well.
  • Remember all those Groupons and Living Social deals we’ve bought over the past year? It’s time to use them.
  • Despite popular belief, there are happy hours on Saturday. Think Cafe Dupont, Vinoteca, and Alero as they all have deals around 5pm. Of course, that is if you absolutely must drink during these tough economic times.
  • DO NOT in any situation check your work email or use your blackberry during a furlough. Again, FOIAable. Check the OPM website for updates on when we are to go back in, watch the news, and wait for a phone call from your manager.
  • Enjoy your time off! Even if we aren’t getting paid, hell – we don’t have to work! Live it up, albeit frugally.

Hang in there kids.



2 Responses to SHUTDOWN

  1. JK says:

    I will be sure to tell Ash that you recommend I join match for free meals hahaha 🙂

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