overdid it

In the words of a fellow UBG member, folks, I overdid it. I just went back to read my new years resolutions and none of them said to “slow down,” i.e. stop trying to do everything, stop, breathe, and chill out. So I am now officially adding this to my list:

  • Slow down.

Nope, I have been working ridiculous hours, go out till all hours of the night, don’t get enough sleep, and basically try to do everything. But that’s what life’s about, right? I want to be involved in everything, I don’t want to miss anything, I want to have fun!

Okay I learned my lesson. Was feeling ill all last weekend, figured I just had a random hangover and was tired, which may have been the case, but then on Monday it hit me. I had the flu. Or something horribly similar to the flu. Fever, headache, exhaustion, pretty soon my throat started to hurt. Yep, the flu. Left work early (after trying to work the weekend which didn’t go so well), and haven’t been back in since. Mind you, this is a very busy time for us, so I really should be at work. But I was so worn out and sick, that it was impossible. Even made a nice visit to the ER on Tuesday night, cause I couldn’t breathe. Awesome. Didn’t realize my asthma was that bad but apparently the chest congestion got the best of me. Got a breathing treatment and some steroids and I was on the road again. Feeling much better now, but mind you, it’s Thursday night. This thing has lasted a week. But seriously, I need to slow down.

yay, an inhaler.

So that’s the update for my week. It’s been a fun week at home. Just kidding. It’s been pretty torturous and painful and I’ve been finding it difficult to sleep (maybe from all the drugs and choking on my phlegm), but it’s been real. Real fun.

It’s time to slow my roll. Sara is officially slowing down. Starting…now. 🙂

Anyway, glad to be alive. It’s good to be here.



2 Responses to overdid it

  1. JK says:

    I thought you had a post bout taking it easy this year? 😉 Asthma sucks 😦 feel better soon!

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