update on the ghost situation

Can you believe that I have another update on the mysterious ghost/light/fan situation going on in my apartment? Of course you can; I’m not sure why I even asked that question. The good news to report here is that we’ve narrowed the culprit down to one fixture. As you may recall, I taped the trap door next to my bed shut, so nothing has transpired on that end recently. The remaining culprit is the upstairs ceiling fan/light fixture which is above my bed in the loft. It lights up the entire apartment. Well, it used to light up the entire apartment. Last week it decided to go on again in the middle of the night, and when I tried to mess with it the next morning, the brightness level went down about 10 decibels after turning it on. I know decibels are for sounds, but I’m not sure how to describe the lowering of brightness level. Let’s just say it’s now very dim – which actually works to my advantage when it decides to go on in the middle of the night; I am no longer woken up immediately with a bright light in my face but can sleep through the dimly lit glare. Quite refreshing considering.

So let’s review what happened last night. It’s actually quite difficult to describe. I went to bed super early after a very long weekend of entirely too much fun, per usual. Wanted to get a good 12 hours sleep in before the madness of the workweek ensued. Things were going well until about 1:30am, when I was awoken by a loud, constant banging/clicking noise above my head. At first I thought I was dreaming, or perhaps loosing my mind. After the loud noise did not subside and I was officially prevented from going back to sleep, I got up to determine where exactly this noise was coming from. As luck would have it, it was coming from the ceiling fan. Yes, the fan was making this noise. Now I did notice that when the heater or whatever it is that produces heat behind the trap door next to my bed (it is all coming full circle now) went on, this noise began. As soon as the heater went off about 20 or so minutes later, the noise subsided. There was so much effort going into the heater that it shook my apartment to the point of making this ridiculous banging sound through the fan. It’s hard to describe. But this was what happened, and lucky for me it happened again around 3am.

Now, I swear on my bike that this actually happened. And you know you have my word if I’m swearing on my baby. I swear on my bike, the light that goes on and off by itself is now making noises. Loud, ridiculous banging noises that a fan/light should not make, let alone unprovoked. Now as I’m writing this, I am beginning to think this is an issue that I should take up with my landlord. There must be something going on with the heater; maybe I should get this device checked out before something worse happens. Great, now I’ve managed to scare myself.

On a positive note, Caspera and I are now friends and living in peace. It’s nice to have someone to come home to and who looks out for me unconditionally. Not having a dog, I suppose a ghost is the next best option.


One Response to update on the ghost situation

  1. Jean says:

    I particularly like the equating of the decibels to light and swearing on your bike. Classic.

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