funny post follow-up

And just so everyone doesn’t think that I’ve lost it, here’s a follow-up happy post. Because even though some things haven’t gone well, the rest of my life has. On that note, here’s a quick rundown of funny and/or good things that have happened recently or that I’m looking forward to:

1) Volunteering in 2011. My efforts in 2010 have been lackluster. Will make amends in 2011.
2) NEW YEARS EVE. Okay so the past few years I’ve decided to stay in or head to a house party, and I’ve had a blast. This year I’m trying something new. Hanging with UBG, et al., we will be hitting up a dinner and then heading out to one of those all you can drink fiascos. Except that this one is actually a good deal, and the crowd number is limited. Best part about it is that our group keeps exanding. For dinner alone we now have about 15 people. The friend list expands exponentially for the party. It is nice to have a solid group of friends and I’m super pumped. It’s nice to be popular. Love you guys. LML
3) That’s all for now. I really just got excited about NYE.
4) Oh wait…quick recap on an eHarmony date I had the other night. Besides him likely being gay, we were eating a pork belly sandwich which ended up being way fattier than I had anticipated. Since I couldn’t chew it, I logically spit the fat into my napkin [flashback to our childhood during steak dinners when we would stick the chewed fat under the dining room table so our parents would think we ate it…yep, normal upbringing]. About half an hour later, I forgot that I had spit the fat into the napkin. As we were talking, I picked up the napkin to wipe my mouth, and out fell the fat onto the floor. It was rather…Sara-like. Luckily he laughed. Too bad he’s gay.
5) Regardless, eHarmony is a done deal (see prior post). In fact as soon as I post this I will get on that site and cancel the subscription for good.
6) Can I get a paycheck please? Work somehow managed to not pay me last week when they were supposed to. So, rent will be late, I’m running on a $0 checking account balance, and NYE is rapidly approaching. Things are looking up.
7) I bought a new pair of boots today to make me feel better. I know, I know…I literally have no money. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Sometimes a little retail therapy will help.
8) Good: My neighbor is a chain smoker and when he smokes in his apartment it drifts into mine. It’s absolutely disgusting. Well, he just came by to make sure his smoking was no longer bothering me…he has agreed to smoke out on the ‘balcony’ or downstairs. In fact, I hadn’t even noticed any smoke today and hopefully the situation has been rectified. There are kind people in this world.

That’s all for now folks. More to come soon. It’s been a good 2010, but it’s time to start anew in 2011.


One Response to funny post follow-up

  1. Mo says:

    Love ya back!! And 2011 will turn out to be a rockin good time!! Here’s to an upsurge! 😉

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