My morning commute is always something special. This morning I happened to witness a random act of kindness that you just don’t see enough of in this city. As I was entering the U Street metro station, I noticed two men running at me full speed. Then I realized one person was chasing the other. Next thing I knew, the chaser actually caught the chasee on the escalator, jumped on him, and got back whatever the person had stolen. At this point it dawned on me that it was probably an iPhone, since I had been hearing about an increase in thefts of these devices over the past few months. Now, I figured it must have been the guy’s phone that was stolen. But as he turned around to come back into the metro station with the reclaimed device, the guy handed it back to a girl. All I heard was “You got it??!!!! Thank you SO MUCH.” Honestly, what do you even say to that? This was a true act of kindness right there, for a complete stranger. I guess there are some decent people left in this world.

If you thought this iPhone theft increase was a hoax, I witnessed first hand that it most definitely is not. Clearly it is no joke. So keep an eye on your phones – in fact, don’t even use them at all when you are walking around the city, even on the metro, if you can help it. I think it is happening the most at metro stations when people least expect it. Seems like they are preying on women as well, since the boys probably think the women can’t catch them. This kid who sped past me was fast. There just so happened to be a kind stranger who saw the incident and made a split decision to track this guy down. He got on the same metro car with me right after and acted as if nothing had happened. Nice way to brighten up my morning.

Update: I wrote to Prince of Petworth about this cause I figured this guy deserved some recognition. Check here for my letter and comments!


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