I know how to pick ’em

Last night I received an update on the ongoing Rico saga from a dear friend. Rico is a boy I dated back when I was on the match.com mealplan two years ago. Please read here for a bit of background on what type of pathological liar this kid is. Long story short, I only went out with the guy about three or four times before he told me he was moving to Colombia, with the brilliant excuse that he didn’t want to start something only to end it a few months later. Boy am I thankful for that, looking back on it. My friend yesterday told me that she just saw him the other day; clearly he has not moved to Colombia to start up his “hookah bar”…and we are two years out. Further, she found out that he is actually 23. That would put him at 21 when we dated. I was 30. I was in fact a puma, without even knowing it. He had told me at the time that he was 28. Lovely. This is precisely why I am staying away from match at this point, not that eHarmony is getting me much further. The Rico story just keeps getting better and better.

Dating has got to be the most frustrating thing imaginable. Boys and girls, if you are happily in a relationship; count your blessings. Because dating in DC is definitely no walk in the park and I’m considering throwing in the towel very soon.

One love,

**Quick shoutout to my friend Big D, who plans to start up his own blog very soon. Be on the lookout for drunkdiariesofdc.com. I kid you not, he carries a little notebook around with him when he goes out and just jots down what’s on his mind. It’s hilarious…and has got to be more interesting than my dating life.


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