disturbing household activities

A little over a month ago, I arrived home from work to my new apartment to find the lights in the hallway on. I couldn’t even figure out how to turn those lights on, so I knew for sure I hadn’t mistakenly left them on when I had left for the day. I emailed the landlord to check if she was in the unit, and she wasn’t. Thereafter, the light wasn’t working at all so I figured it must have been a fuse gone bad. So I let that one pass. Since that time, one morning I woke up to the ceiling fan light over my bed on. Okay, weird. Let that pass too. A week or so ago, I know for sure that I left the fan on when I left in the morning. However, upon returning home after work, the fan was off. That got a pass too. And this is where things get weird, or weirder I suppose if you think the aforementioned is slightly insane…

Get home last night after work, ceiling fan light is on. I never even touch that light, so there is no way I had left it on in the morning when I left. Just picture walking into what you think will be a pitch black apartment, yet the whole place is completely lit. A bit disturbing. I checked around to see if anything looked out of place, checked in closets for anyone who might be hiding…nothing. My place is exactly how I left it, minus the ceiling fan light being on. OKAY. I ask myself – am I losing my mind? These fuses must be having one hell of a time in that little fuse box. And as if this is not bad enough, this is where it gets weirdest

I’m slightly freaked out, as you might imagine, so I decide to sleep without my fan that night so that if I hear any sudden noises, they will wake me up. If you didn’t already know this about me, I sleep with a fan at night for the white noise factor. I’m an incredibly light sleeper, so even the slightest sounds or movement will wake me up. The fan works wonders for us light sleepers by blocking out those sudden sounds, so that I can peacefully sleep through the night without a problem. I am a fan of fans. But I digress. Because I was slightly freaked out, I decided to sleep without the fan last night so that I would wake up if anything weird happened.

Well, something weird happened.

Besides the car alarms and sirens that kept waking me up, around 1ish I was awoken by a very odd sounding, loud laugh. It sounded like an old woman was laughing and it sounded like she was downstairs. Since I am such a light sleeper and my fan was off, it woke me up immediately. Even though it sounded like it was downstairs in my unit, I figured it must have come from the hallway, since that was really the only logical explanation. So I listened for a closing door in the hallway, yet there was only complete silence. I just heard a woman laugh, and I figured it was in the hallway, yet there were no sounds whatsoever after the laugh to indicate that it came from the hallway. If she was in the hallway, she would have had to get out of the hallway via a loud slamming door one way or another, unless she decided to camp out in the hallway. But there was nothing, only complete silence.

Now…did I dream this? Am I losing my mind? Are the walls so thin that it’s possible that someone in the unit next to me could have let out a loud, piercing laugh? I am not sure, but here’s to hoping this odd activity comes to a close very soon. My sanity may depend on it.

Is everyone else’s life this interesting?

3 Responses to disturbing household activities

  1. Casper says:

    It was me the Ghost of U street NW!

  2. Nicole says:

    It’s Paranormal Activity up in there! Run! Just kidding.

    Since most of the problems were electrical in nature, it’s probably just some faulty wiring or something. If the laughter didn’t seem like it was in the room with you, there is probably an explanation for that as well.

  3. Sylvia says:

    It could be faulty wiring if you are turning the Ceiling fan and lights off and on from a cord.

    From a light switch if it’s off it stays off. If it has nothing to do with the Ceiling fan cord then you might have a spirit living there letting you know she’s there. Hearing laughter from nowhere is strange. I lived in three houses that had something like spirits there.

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