I tried to vote today, in Virginia. Seriously though…what is the point of voting in DC? Now, before you all go yelling at me for this; please know that I checked my voting status online and it said that I was registered to vote in VA. So what the hell – let me treck on out to the burbs and try it out. Unfortunately, my attempt did not work. My account was marked as “inactive,” so they asked me where I lived to which I had to tell them it was DC. Oh wellski. That’s a bummer. The only bonus for me here was that (1) I was able to stop in at Goody’s, (2) I got out of work an hour early to make it to the burbs before the polls closed; and (3) I got a badge on foursquare. Yes, it is an “I voted 2010” badge, so technically, it is not legit. However, this brings my badge count to 21 so I’ll take it. It’s the effort that counts.


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