last night en Espana

Hola mis amigos. Es my last night en Spain…very sad. Although I must say that I seem to have caught a bit of a cold and feel like ass so it´s probably good timing. I thought about heading to Barcelona for the match this morning (which Barca just won btw….go Barca – I discovered that the goalie is hot as hell too), however, it just wasn´t in the cards being that my flight takes off tomorrow morning for Dulles at 11am out of Madrid. EML. What a trip. Of course, it´s not over yet. As we speak, I am waiting for my long lost friends to show up at the hostel for one last blowout night. Ordinarily that would mean something like an all-nighter, however, being that I´m a tad under the weather, that likely wouldn´t be the wisest of decisions. But knowing my poor decision making skills and that I´ve actually missed these guys on this trip, I will probably succumb to peer pressure and stay out till all hours of the night like an idiot. But what are gonna do – you only live once right? I must say, we did lose our friend Boom Boom to Barcelona – he stayed to go the match since his flight is not till Monday, the lucky bastard. I actually got in and went straight to the Atletico de Madrid vs. Getafe match. It was okay but no Camp Nou. Stadium was extremely dirty and so many smokers I wanted to shoot myself. And by smoke I mean cigarettes AND weed, like that is totally normal. Oh well, got lots of pics and some video. Then went to a cafe near here to watch the Barca game and met this hot spaniard. Told me where to go out tonight and got a double kiss on the cheek which hasn´t happened yet on this trip. I thought only the French did that – pretty sure he made the custom up so he had an excuse to kiss me. Maybe I´ll get another rose tonight. I´ve already managed to accumulate 3 so things are looking good. Also,  as a side bar, just wanted to relay to you all that I saw a total of SIX brides in full wedding gowns taking pictures in Sevilla and Valencia. Valencia especially. It was a tad bit freaky. You think it´s a sign? Maybe there´s a Mr. mid-October?

Whelp, my friends will be here soon. Those crazy kids. Wish me luck. See ya en la US. Not looking forward to returning home in the least. And can´t wait to come back. Viva Espana.


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