arm wrestling

You may all know that I love to arm wrestle. Well really, I love to kill my competition. So maybe I’m on a two match losing streak, but at least they were to reputable opponents (guy friend and DC Rollergirl at the H Street festival). Prior to that, I have crushed most of the people crazy enough to attempt to beat me, men and women alike. Perhaps it was a fluke; that I’m not sure of. Luckily, we can find out at the DC Ladies Arm Wrestling Competition.

Unfortunately, this is the first I’m hearing of this so will likely not be able to contend in the match this weekend; but having something as random as an organized arm wrestling competition is exactly why I love DC. And you can bet that I will be submitting my application shortly to participate in the next round. Apparently, all I need to do is email them with a wrestling name and they will include me in a future contest. Oddly, no number of prior winnings is required, as one might require to enter a big race.

So I’ve mentioned this to a few friends, and here are some names they have come up with:

(1) Sara Slasher
(2) The Swan

Having not received any other suggestions as of late, I am apt to go with The Swan. Not only will this name allow me to catch my opponents off guard as I do give off a gentle, swan-like appearance, but it is also my animal nickname (see description to the right). My opponents will go in thinking I’ll be a pushover, only to be overcome by my brute strength. Pending other great suggestions, I am going with this. Submit names now or forever hold your peace.

a/k/a “The Swan”

*Update: We have two votes now for “J-Bird.” Given that this is my actual nickname AND it was given to me by Big D, who I actually met (and beat) arm wrestling, this suggestion has some serious merit. Further, it still gives off the gentle, bird-like persona. Add this to the list and vote accordingly.

(3) J-Bird


4 Responses to arm wrestling

  1. jwr says:

    The Swan gets my vote!

  2. Nicole says:

    I was totally looking forward to the arm wrestling at the H Street Festival but unfortunately I had to miss it. Good luck on your future competition! I hope you snap someone’s arm bone in half. Okay, not really. That’s a bit much. But for real, good luck!

  3. William says:

    Your name should be “The Atomic Swan.” Just a thought…

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