define mid-September

Because as far as I can tell, Mr. Mid-September has not made himself known to me yet. In fact, I think I’m actually digressing in progress to meeting my future husband. Or, perhaps I already know him, but I just don’t know it’s him? Really though – how far out does ‘mid-September’ extend to? It is 9/23. Pretty sure we are past the mid month range. However, I have been MIA for a week or two due to preparing for my big move (upstairs). Seriously, who planned that? Worst timing ever. Because I haven’t been out and about on the social scene, does that mean I can extend the ‘mid-September’ range to end of the month? Does that count? May as well go with it. What have I got to loose.

Oh yeah, I may be getting a dog. Hmm, maybe that’s who I’m going to settle down with. At this point, I actually wouldn’t doubt it.


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