Bike Guy update

Hi Readers. You may not believe this, but I found the elusive Bike Guy. How did I manage to accomplish this feat, you may ask? Well, my bike gears were acting up and my baby was just not riding as she used to. So, I brought her into my favorite bike shop for an adjustment over the weekend. Knowing that Bike Guy lives near there and that he goes to said bike shop, I figured I’d just throw out the question to the owner on whether or not he knew Bike Guy. Turns out, to my amazement, he did, so I tell the owner the story about how I think I might have given him the wrong number inadvertently, and I manage to attain Bike Guy’s email address. Interesting.

Of course, this was a major development. I now have in my possession Bike Guy’s contact information. Something like finding gold at the end of a rainbow. What do I do with this information? Of course, I immediately tell some friends about this success. I meet a few of them for drinks, and they tell me that they want me to craft the email immediately and send it via my iPhone. Okay people, it’s not that pressing. They even attempt to craft the email for me. Big D said the email should only be three sentences max. Impact statement, question, and closer. He was very adamant about this. Apparently that is how things work in the sales world, and he thought I was selling myself. No, I am just giving him the correct number, I think. Big D also told me not to mention that I thought I had given him the wrong number. I disagreed. The wrong number was the reason I was searching for him in the first place! I would not try to find someone who I knew just did not call me. Choosing not to heed Big D’s advice, later on that evening, I write up a quick email saying I think I mixed up the last two digits of my phone number and asked whether or not he still was up for going on a ride.

Now, it is a gamble on whether or not Bike Guy will respond to this email. It has been almost two months since the alleged “bike date” occurred, and here I am, still seeking this guy out, going on the premise that I gave him the wrong number.

As luck would have it, Bike Guy responds. This is the first line of his email,

I am impressed with your ability to track down my email address.

Read: I cannot believe that you have stalked me like this for the past two months and have managed to get my contact information.

Moving on, he then proceeds to say that he had been meaning to call me to go on a ride, but has just either had people in town or has been out of town, so there was no time to actually go on said ride. But that he would definitely still be up for a ride, asking when I am free.

Well, that throws my entire theory off. Dude just didn’t call me! Clearly, I was way more into getting to know this guy than he was into getting to know me. To make matters even worse, I still have no idea whether or not I am not losing my mind and that I had mixed up the last two digits of my phone number. I figured on my response email, I probably should hold off on asking him to check his phone to see; maybe that topic is better off discussing in person. Regardless, I did respond with some dates in which I was free. No response back as of late. But honestly, given that he clearly is just not that interested, at this point I care more about finding out what number he has in his phone than the actual guy. I have come to the sad conclusion that this may never actually happen.

And the hunt for Mr. Mid-September lives on.


3 Responses to Bike Guy update

  1. momma says:

    Sounds like another 1 bites the dust! Ugh

  2. Jen says:

    He’s fronting.

    Proud of you for sending that email! Woo hoo.

  3. New/Old Guy says:

    If the bike ride materializes, do not –I repeat– do not concern yourself with the phone number saga too soon into the date. Enjoy the outing. If you guys hit it off, he’ll provide you an opportunity to inquire be saying “I’ll call you” then…confirm the number you gave!

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