I am loving these daily coupons I’ve been getting from websites such as What’s the Deal, Buy With Me, Groupon, and Living Social. So far, I’ve made out like a bandit with ridiculous deals on my yoga studio, spas and massages, restaurants near me that I know I will use, and mostly…yoga. Granted, I did buy a 10k race ticket on a whim and never ran in the race, but what’s one down? I guess that is the problem with these websites; they know how to get you. Always wanted to try rock climbing? Always wanted to kayak down the Potomac? Well here’s your chance. The trick is to know when to stop yourself from purchasing. Will you really use the coupon? Is this something you would ordinarily do anyway so you can save some money?

Today, Buy With Me put out a real joy of a coupon.

30-minute massage and 30-minute nap
(Save 51%)
Your cost: $24.00

That’s right, buy today and you can pay $24 to nap. To nap? Seriously? Wow, count me in. Because I clearly couldn’t nap on my own in the comforts of my own home for free.


One Response to groupons

  1. momma says:

    hilarious ………… i get groupons too. mine are for NYC though. haven’t, however, purchased anything because i’m obvously, i’m never there. random!

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