Does anyone find this at all amusing?

I’m a little bit on the quirky (aka, weird) side. Apparently I select friends who are also on the quirky side. This is from a fellow member of the U Street Bike Gang (UBG), sent to me after mentioning that we should all check out the new Desperados Burger joint on U Street [which is awesome, BTW]. I only just spelled out UBG because I realized I have not yet blogged about them. That is a disgrace. To think that rival bike gangs are popping up around the city and in the burbs, and I have not even blogged about UBG? UBG is part of my identity now, its in my blood. Wow, I really need to blog more. Sorry kids.


2 Responses to random

  1. Jen says:

    You liked Desperado? Lo and I went last week and everything was a mess and our GI tracts were, shall we say, not quit *right* the next day. Yuck.

    But I missss youuuu. And yes please, more about UBG.

    • Sara says:

      yeah I thought it was good…then again we were sitting at the bar and surrounded by a ton of guys so of course it seemed good. I did hear the service is horrible at the tables though. My burger was good!

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