segways and vespas

This morning I was riding my baby* home from the pool after a little morning workout.  As I was happily moseying on along home to jump in the shower and get my day started, I quickly descended upon a segway in the bike lane. First of all, I know my bike is awesome and all, but can’t you go a few miles per hour faster on that thing?  Please?  You are holding me up here kiddo. Granted it was only for a block or two, but what a joke.  A segway??!!! Seeing a segway in the bike lane was a disgrace to the entire biking community. Those bike lanes were not created for segways people.

If you ever see me picking up a guy on a segway, kindly remind me that I have a higher probability of meeting someone on

Now, I admit; some friends and I did go on a segway tour a few years ago, but that was purely for amusement purposes and to ride around the city looking like fools. Yes, we even rode those things down to the Georgetown Waterfront to make a scene, after which I distinctly remember my sister doing a wheely through a puddle. What a blast. But to actually own one? No. This brings me to my next topic…

I do not get vespas. Why not just get a bike? I mean, you have got to be one lazy mo-fo to drive around town on a vespa. In fact, you couldn’t pay me to tool around on that thing. I guess it’s probably a little bit safer than riding around in traffic on a bike, but still. Just this past weekend, I watched a girl leave the coffee shop I was at, put on her helmet, and walk across the street to what I figured was her bike (I have a keen eye for all things bike these days). No; I watched in awe and amusement as she hopped on her vespa. Wow. As she rode off into the sunset, I was left pondering the ridiculousness of vespas. It’s the little things in life.

Actual vespa sighting in front of Goody's in Clarendon.

* my baby = my bike

4 Responses to segways and vespas

  1. Sylvia says:

    I agree with you. People that have no physical problems either should walk or ride a regular bike. In my opinion, the only exception are people with physical disabilities. Someone with a heart condition can use segways and vespas (including handicap sticker or sign) to be mobile in some parts of DC.

  2. MIA says:

    So I saw a segway commuter this am…I wonder if its the same one, or if there are ACTUALLY more than one of them…I hope not.

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