Jersey Shore – Season 2, episode 1

Holy hilariousness. This was good from the opening scene. How often can you say that the second movie or book in a series is at least as good, if not better, than the first? Never. This, however, may actually be better than any second book or movie I’ve ever seen. A few notable things to sum up:

  • Vinnie: My uncles – they just want me to bang everything, but I kind of want better quality girls…if there’s ever a night I can’t get one, I’ll just double up the next night.
  • How about Angelina getting her bikini area waxed? Only on Jersey Shore. Stay classy San Francisco.
  • The Situation and Pauly D stuck in the mud, and then the AAA truck getting stuck too. This after they bought and set off a few fireworks. Hilarious.
  • Snooki proclaiming that “eating fried pickles was a lifechanging experience.” Same here Snooks. I will never forget the first fried pickle I had at Spider Kelly’s in Clarendon. Changed my life.
  • BTW Snooks, Obama obviously added the 10% tax on tanning because of you guys. GTL baby.
  • My bronzer’s leaking off my face (random quotes you miss the first time around but are gems the second time you watch).
  • Jwow: I’m not going to let a girl live in the house, talking shit, without her getting her ass beat. Love.
  • Quick scene of Ronnie flexing. This show is a real piece of work.
  • Snooki was just on a roll this episode. When speaking about how she now has a boyfriend, but heading to Miami, “If you hand me a bottle of SoCo, I just go crazy. Something comes over me.” Classic.
  • Did anyone pick up on the absolutely CLUTCH few lines between Sam and Snooki when the 4 girls were in the cab talking about guys before the bomb exploded? Who are the producers of this show? Absolutely amazing work right here. Sammi upset about Ronnie. JWow asks what’s wrong.

Sammi: I just feel like…I don’t know.
Snooki: I know what you mean.

  • This only to be topped off by the scene of the girls screaming at each other in one cab and the guys sitting in total silence in the other. Pure brilliance.

So many other good quotes and scenes contained in this season opener in Miami. This is some great stuff right here kids. Stay tuned in the future for some live blogging. Let’s be honest; the blog material doesn’t get any better than this.

Fist pumping on the couch,
Sara “Sunshine” Brown

P.S. Boys, stay away from those grenades.


One Response to Jersey Shore – Season 2, episode 1

  1. Nicole says:

    I don’t have cable so I’ve never seen an episode of Jersey Shore but I certainly know about it. The cast was on the TODAY show the other day and I was very annoyed that those odd orange people invaded my morning television space. LOL.

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