You know what? I can’t find a review of the deadmau5 show last night at 930 club to save my life, so eff it, I’m posting my own review. As many of you may know, I have a newfound obsession with house music. Hard to explain being that I am 31 going on 32, but there it is. I love house. And I love me some deadmau5. A few observations about last night’s show:

  1. I may have been the oldest person in the venue. Some of these kids looked like they were 15, I’m not even kidding. Not to mention the fact that almost all of them were coked out or ecstacy’d up. Sorry, I have no idea how to spell that, but that is because I don’t do the drug.
  2. The DJ before deadmau5 was pretty hot. Pleasurekraft. Not bad.
  3. He went on early, 10pm to be specific. He was done by 11:30. Shorter than I expected being that I’ve seen him before and he’s played for 2-3 hours. I guess I can’t complain being that it was a Wednesday night and I really shouldn’t have been out to begin with.
  4. He played only one of my favorite mixes, and excuse me, but I have no idea what the name of it is. Not Ghosts n Stuff. He did play that but honestly, I’m not a huge fan. Prefer some of his other mixes.
  5. Did I mention that he’s awesome? He’s amazing.
  6. Holy light show. We were standing up front to the left side, which was likely a huge mistake. I went back to hit the bathroom and saw from the back how much better the view was. What a light display. This is something new because the last time I saw him, it was basically just him sitting on stage at a DJ booth. Pretty effing cool. Stand in the back or up top on Thursday and Friday, if you are reading this. Just my two cents.
  7. If you can go naked, I highly recommend it. I may have lost 10 pounds last night, it was so hot in there. Seriously, VERY unpleasant. If I end up going to the Friday show, I think I may just wear my bikini top like so many of the other drugged up teeny boppers were doing. Seriously, we all came out soaking wet. It was absolutely disgusting. Maybe that is why he only played for 1.5 hours.
  8. If you can go, go. He is seriously one of the best DJ’s mixologists ever.


So that is my rundown. Hope it helps you folks out.

Sometimes things get complicated,


3 Responses to deadmau5

  1. d$ says:

    He’s not a DJ…

  2. Shamone says:

    Good thing you didn’t go to the Friday show. deadmau5 collapsed at the show, They said he was suffering from exhaustion and vomiting.

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