birthday week

You know how this happens. I post once and then a ton of ideas start flowing my brain so I keep posting. So here it is. I just had another thought. It’s my birthday week. And while I didn’t want to make any sort of big deal over it, of course, it is turning out to be bigger than I anticipated. Started off that I wasn’t going to do anything but mellow out for the weekend. Clearly, that is not about to happen. I was added into a little party on Saturday night, which was originally just for Mo (it’s her bday week too). Now it’s for both of us and the guest list just appears to be growing. Should be interesting. But really, what I’m more excited about is Sunday brunch at the W. Again, guest list appears to be expanding, but I think we’ve finally maxed out at 10. Can’t wait for that.

This birthday will clearly be better than 31. Nothing beat my 30th, of course, but 31 was definitely a let down. I usually don’t get much in the way of gifts either, but this year I’ve already received two! A camera from my fam (soooo pumped about it!) and then my friend L so kindly bought me another Pacers Groupon. Too cute! Love you guys!

A year older, a year wiser. Okay maybe not, but happy birthday to me.  🙂


2 Responses to birthday week

  1. Nicole says:

    Happy birthday week!

  2. ambs says:

    Yay for birthday week!

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