More parking lot action

Every morning when I set up in the bathroom to take a shower, I first let some light in by cracking the blinds a bit. This is okay being that I am on the second floor. I mean, what are the chances that someone would be able to look through the blinds, which are facing upwards, and see into the bathroom? Well today, as luck would have it, as I stepped to get out of the shower, I noticed that there was a man placed at a perfect height outside my window so that he could easily see in. He was cutting down a tree. Now there are a number of problems with this – namely, that he was cutting down the tree – but the main problem that came to mind was that he could see me naked. So I immediately jumped back into the shower and tried to figure out an escape route. Then I realized, in horror, that this man could have easily been watching me shower the entire time. I swear this kind of thing would only happen to me. I timed it perfectly so that there was no one outside when I got in the shower. Step out – there he was. In all my years living in that apartment (okay, it has only been a year), I would never anticipate that there would be a man cutting down a tree and strategically placed so that he could veer into my window and see me naked. Only me.


One Response to More parking lot action

  1. Sylvia says:

    I had something similar happened last spring when I was living with my exboyfriend. It was a townhouse and at the time I was unemployed. I so happened to walk out of my bedroom in my undies and hehold where the stairs in my old place have a high window which a guy is painting outside on a tall ladder. The difference between you and me is that he looked down and stared at me while I was running back in my room. He kept on staring after left my room (dressed). I called HOA and issued a complaint of the peeping tom worker painting the townhomes. He did not return the next day. Just my luck.

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