Saturday night post

Yep, I’m actually home on a Saturday night. This may be difficult for some to believe. I can barely believe it myself. But here I am, chilling on the couch. Went a litttttle too hard last night. Need to gather my thoughts and recoup. Plus I have a ton of work to do before Monday so figured this was as good a time as any to knock that out. So of course I’m procrastinating here and not doing it.

I’ve been wanting to post about this for about a week now. I put it off because New/Old Guy claims that I have a thing for my hot yoga instructor. I don’t know where he’d get that idea. Regardless, he’s married so anything happening is completely out of the question. But since he seems to be all I’ve been blogging about recently, and in order to continue on with the hot married yoga instructor saga, I’d like to give a download of last Monday night’s happenings. Nothing major, but this story just keeps getting more juicy so I will update you now until my next encounter.

I try to avoid hot married yoga instructor these days. Why? Because he’s married. And effing hot. So instead of going to his class, I go to the class before his class in order to avoid him. Although, deep down I know I’m really not avoiding anything because he’ll be there when my class is done. So, as luck would have it, class ended – and there he was. We exchange hellos, how are yous…the use. I figured it would end there. No. Hot married yoga instructor literally says to me,

I was thinking about you today.

Excuse me? Time came to a screeching halt. I had to pause, gather my thoughts, and try not to choke, “What did you say?” [I’m so smooth].

He then explains what he meant by that ridiculous statement. In planning his class, he was thinking about what he would have me do if I showed up. Apparently, he had planned that the class would do inversions, and as you know from my last hot yoga instructor post, my disabled ass can no longer do inversions. Acceptable. But opening up with a line of “I was thinking about you today” had my mind doing kartwheels. Speaking of, I wonder if I can still do a kartwheel. Anyway, we ended the conversation by him asking me if I was taking care of myself, i.e. not doing inversions to protect the neck. Yes, I’m taking care of myself! Hot married yoga instructor, I trust your judgment. Not just because you are hot, but because you clearly know what you are doing.

Okay now that I’m done getting that out of my system, perhaps I’ll get back to work for the remaining 15 minutes that I will be up. Nothing like a little procrastination.

Until Monday night’s class,


3 Responses to Saturday night post

  1. momma says:

    and is new/old guy who I think he is? what (if anything) has changed and why am I not privie to that info?

  2. Jean says:

    Just an idea…kartwheels may not be the best for you if you can’t do inversions 🙂

  3. MIA says:

    Cartwheels! yes, i’m in.

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