Heat wave!

So I’d just like to point out the obvious…that it’s 7pm and 100 degrees in DC. I just stepped out of the office for the first time today and felt like I had stepped into a raging inferno. Again, just pointing out the obvious.

On that note, I’m currently waiting to catch a train home. As I went to board at L’Enfant, I stepped into a train only to immediately turn around in utter horror at the fact that the train must have been functioning at 110 degrees. Not even kidding, the inside of the train felt like what a car would probably feel if you left your child or dog inside for even a few minutes (clearly, I have been heeding the warnings…unfortunately for me I neither own a child nor dog). So I immediately turn around in horror to wait for the next train only to look back at the 110 degree car when it is taking off. A good number of people were actually sitting in the car acting as if nothing was wrong. Seriously people? It was at least 110 degrees! It always baffles my mind when I see people sitting in a car with no a/c on the metro, especially on a day like today.

Good luck with this heat tomorrow too kids. Avoid outdoor activities and hydrate. I won’t even be riding my bike. You know this is serious.


One Response to Heat wave!

  1. jwr says:

    you make me happy when i feel bad! THANK YOU

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