bathroom fun

Whenever I enter the women’s restroom at work, I usually check to see if anyone else is present before entering a stall myself. Much to my chagrin, today I neglected to do that and after relieving myself, I heard a noise in a nearby stall. I had to think back – was I just talking to myself? Was I mumbling something that I wouldn’t want anyone to hear? Probably. I heard the noise and then slightly freaked out and had to think back about what I had just said. Then ran out as fast as possible.

This incident reminds me of the time I was at one of my favorite Connecticut restaurants back in the day, Friendly’s, having lunch with a friend. I went to the bathroom and neglected to check the neighboring stalls before entering one myself. Apparently, I was happy about coleslaw coming with my meal and whispered, “YES!  It comes with coleslaw!” No joke, this actually came out of my mouth. I then heard a noise and looked under the stalls only to see a pair of feet a few stalls down. Sara fail.

Enjoy the coleslaw.


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