The palm reader is not the only one who believes I’m in midlife right now. One day, a long, long time ago…I signed up for e-Harmony. If anyone has gone through this ridiculous question and answer before, you know what I’m talking about, but let’s just say the questions required in order to utilize the service would have taken about a day to complete. Thus, I never completed it. Interesting because now that it’s all coming back to me, the palm reader did say that once I start something, I finish it. Usually that is the case (even if it does take me up to a year), but apparently not the case with e-Harmony. Anyway, so they still send me emails even though I’ve never utilized the service. This just in:

Sara – Dating at Midlife: What You Need to Know

Really? 31 is midlife now? (And yes, it actually does read ‘Sara’ – naturally, that is my screen name). Let’s read on.

How to Make a Great First Impression in the First Email
NJGeek81 says:
I’ve always been a little underwhelmed at my introductory emails. The real sticking point is how to close the email without seeming presumptuous.

Again, I ask – really? If you need advice on how to write an introductory email to a future prospect through a dating service, you probably need a bit more help in the dating world than e-Harmony can provide. Or perhaps, read here to see how an introductory email should be written. Clearly, this is all the advice for us midlifers that I need to read. Thanks for the help e-Harmony, but I don’t need you. I’ll be taken come mid-September.

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