I try to stay away from you guys, but somehow this blog keeps luring me back in. I haven’t even checked, but pretty sure I just took another two week hiatus. Hopefully one, but who knows. And after checking the stats to this blog, I see that you are still reading! I love my readers.

So what led me to this post is that I was just reading on Borderstan that Pacers Running Shop, which has a bunch of locations in the VA area, is coming to the 1400 block of P Street, NW in Logan Circle. I am very happy about this development. Similar to Fleet Feet, but dare I say it, better, it is a specialty running store with shoe fitters who will watch you run to make sure you are wearing the correct shoe. As we all know, wearing the correct shoe as a runner is verrrrrry important. While Fleet Feet was very helpful in my quest to find the perfect running shoe, they did not do what is required of any good running shop – watch me run. Pacers, welcome to the neighborhood.

As a side bar, I was in the infamous Dewey Beach for the past week or so, and boy am I glad to be home. I heart DC.


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