U Street news

I haven’t been keeping up on my neighborhood blogs as much as I would have liked, but just would like to report that a little birdy told me that Masa 14 will soon be opening a rooftop patio. The U Street area is in dire need of more outdoor bar space, so this is fabulous news. I was still uncertain about whether or not this piece of information was actually legit, until I walked by yesterday and saw a couple of people walking around on the rooftop. It looked as though they were examining the space. Sara is redic excited – will keep you posted when I know the opening date.

In other news, I have been a few times now to the new Pica Taco location that just opened at 14th and Florida. So far, so good, but I definitely recommend the barbocoa (beef). Have not yet had the chicken taco, and I didn’t like the pastor (pork) at all – it was way too fatty. I tried the breakfast burrito over the weekend, and it was smaller than I anticipated and not quite as tasty as others I’ve had. If you go, I’d stick to the barbocoa – definitely a solid choice.

In other news, and because I’ve been vehemently researching and testing out bikes to buy, a newer bike shop, Bicycle Stations, opened a few months ago at 14th and W (just around the corner from Pica Taco). Since I’ve been to this shop about 5 times in the past 3 weeks, this is why it’s been easy for me to venture over to Pica Taco. Let me first just rave about this bike shop. When I first went, the owner, Stephen, spent an hour with me talking about the type of bike I am looking for, components, and the logistics of buying a bike. Who knew this was more difficult than buying a car? I was able to ride a nice Bianchi performance hybrid to check that option out (I’m debating between a road bike and a sporty hybrid). The next time I came in to see if they had some Fuji’s in stock, the other salesman, Adrian, took some time to help me out as well. Now, as you can see, reviews on Yelp are so far, so good. Compared to the guys at Bike Rack in Logan Circle, these guys seem more personable and actually take the time to explain things to you. Stephen even told me that even though they don’t carry a particular road bike I am looking at (below), he would be able to order it for me from another store. You know who I will be buying my bike from.

Check out this beauty: the Scott Contessa Speedster 25. I can’t get this thing off my mind. I think I’m in love.

Scott Contessa Speedster 25


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