the Bike Gang

Hello guys – again, I need to apologize for being MIA. I tried my best to login on Friday but was denied. Hopefully work isn’t picking up on the fact that they should probably block me from this site too. Remember when they blocked me from facebook? That was horrible – I had to go out and buy an iPhone to compensate.

So how was everyone’s weekend? My weekend was highlighted by the fact that (1) it was the first night back out on the GTown waterfront [we have a few boating friends] which means the weather is nice and I am back to being in summer heaven, and (2) Saturday was the first Bike Gang ride of the summer. Granted, I don’t yet have a bike, but by golly, I can’t wait to get one.


the Bike Gang on a ride


Let’s just touch upon this Bike Gang idea. Pure brilliance if you ask me. My friend Big D, an avid biker, has managed to help convince a few of us to get bikes. So he, I, and three others participated in the first Bike Gang ride on Saturday, with a start time of 1pm. Gorgeous day out and perfect day to tour the Embassies, which, if you didn’t know, had open houses until 4pm consisting of free food and drink. My friends, of course, focused on the drink. After hitting Embassies such as the Czech Republic (embarrasingly, spelled “Chech” in a text to a friend that day) and Austria, we then decided we’d head back on Rock Creek Parkway and stop at the GTown waterfront for a beverage. Little did I know that “a beverage” consisted of each of us buying a round. Luckily, I managed to skip out on one round before we biked back up to a restaurant in GTown for some dinner (and more drinks). Now, I am currently the only female member of the Bike Gang, so one would think that I can’t keep up in the drinking, which is true. The boys continued to kill a few bottles of wine and sangria at dinner, but I had to tap out. After dinner, we headed back home to prepare for the evening. Please picture the five of us riding down P Street in the dark taking up the entire right lane, everyone but me being pretty tipsy and thus making a total scene, and two members of the Gang smoking a cigarette for good measure. One of these cig smokers was riding a hot pink one-speed cruiser. It was ridiculously hilarious.

Anyway, Bike Gang was a blast. If you don’t yet own a bike and would like to get involved in riding, I highly recommend it to everyone. We are currently looking to recruit new members. Just keep in mind that Bike Gang initiation can be a real bitch. The more we recruit, the more rounds we buy. Daunting.


4 Responses to the Bike Gang

  1. Nicole says:

    Ha! This reminds me of the time my guy and I drunkenly rode our bikes back from our friends’ house only a few blocks away in the middle of the night. We passed one of those speed machines that clocks how fast you’re driving.

    In our drunken state, we got off our bikes (not sure why thinking back on it) and each ran past the speed clock to see who was faster. I was wearing flip flops and one went flying off and I pulled something in my foot. Obviously not a good idea.

    • Sara says:

      haha! Yeah, the drinking and driving thing I don’t usually recommend. And you can actually get a BUI in DC, not sure about MD or VA. Really surprised one of the members of our Bike Gang hasn’t gotten one yet, in all honesty. haha

  2. MrGreenJeans says:

    actually you spelled Czech, “check”, in that text to your friend.. 🙂

    Sara: In line at Check
    friend: It’s spelled Czech

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