major fail

Yikes guys, I’m sorry. I FORGOT ABOUT THE BLOG. You heard me correctly, I actually forgot about you. Clearly, I am way too self-absorbed these days to remember my loyal readers. You know, working too much, staying active, and socializing. I forgot about my internet livelihood! And to make matters even worse, I have been so busy that I’ve even stopped reading the local blogs to stay up on what’s going on in DC. Something needs to change.

Just to fill you in on A Day in the Life, I went wakeboarding last Saturday. Mind you, I love wakeboarding, even though I’m initially scared shitless and think I could easily faceplant and knock the wind out of myself, scaring me so much that I will never go back. But once you are up – man it’s fun. For some odd reason, I got up this year and seemed to vastly improve – I could do S turns, go over the wake…  okay that’s about it, but you get my point. I am better than last year, and it seems to be addicting to the point that I want to keep getting better. By the end of the summer, maybe I will be able to get some air and go wake to wake. Yep.

As much as I love wakeboarding and the workout it brings, to this day (almost a week later), my left quad is still killing me. I could barely walk for 3 days after, let alone walk down stairs or get out of bed in the middle of the night. Pure agony. When the fire alarm went off at work on Monday and we were forced to walk down FIVE flights of stairs, I thought it must be some cruel joke. I’m almost beginning to think that I actually pulled the muscle, as I’m still a bit wobbly and off balance in that leg. Who knows. Point being – wakeboarding is an insane workout. I’m totally jacked in my arms now, which you could look at as either a good thing or bad. Just be prepared to lose in arm wrestling.

Well, my life is boring at the moment and that’s all I’ve really got to report now. Till next time.


One Response to major fail

  1. MIA says:

    WOO HOO!!!

    its the best kind of hurt

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