this week in DC

  1. Pica Taco at 14th and Florida just opened, and so far, reviews are good. I shall be checking it out soon.
  2. Not sure why I’m so behind the times on this, but DC Film Fest is underway until Sunday. What have I been doing, living under a rock? Every year, I fully intend on checking this out and yet never make it. Let’s see if this year, it actually happens. Let me know if anyone goes and sees a good flick!
  3. $1.50 bold coffee from Starbucks until May 5. Now, I’m not really sure if this is a deal or not since I don’t know what regular price is, but just figured I’d mention it for all those coffee lovers out there. Also, unclear if this cost is for a tall, grande, or venti size. Seriously, why can’t they just say small, medium, and large? Mindboggling.
  4. Also news to me: DC Yoga Week is May 15-May 22. Free yoga on the Mall on the 15th (unfortunately, I will be out of town). Given my new obsession with yoga (just kidding), I took an interest to this. Too bad I already purchased a month long pass at one of the local yoga shops. Well, I did the calculations, and I can actually get some free classes on 5/20-5/22. Always looking for a deal.
  5. Anyone else find it ironic that the DC Council voted in favor of the medical marijuana bill today? (It’s 4/20). Just pointing out the obvious.
  6. Wow, someone was robbed at gunpoint in DC? You don’t say. Apparently this issue actually hit Fox News primetime tonight. Guess I shouldn’t complain since it’s another warning sign to me and my friends to stay alert and aware. I heart DC, but in no way to do I want to get held up. Note to robbers: there is not much in my wallet, so might not want to waste your time. More importantly, I didn’t know my boy Kal Penn was leaving us so soon. That is a shame.

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