what did YOU do this weekend?

I forgot to describe the events that transpired on Friday night. How shall we say this?

Sara is reverting back to her college years?
Sara acts like she’s 19?

Something along those lines. So how did YOU spend your weekend? Your friend Sara here, well; I did a kegstand. Yes, a kegstand. The last time I did a kegstand, if I have ever really done one (I can’t remember), was back during my days at UConn as an undergrad. And even then, did I do a kegstand? There is no telling. Well, I did one Friday night. My sis, Jean, had a surprise party for Dave, who is back in town after his 3 month skiing hiatus in Utah. Surprise went well, minus the fact that the person who was supposed to answer her phone for the warning call (Aly…one of my halfy Asians) didn’t answer it, and I decided NOT to lock the door to my sister’s place, thinking Jean would open the door, and not Dave. Oh well, he was surprised up until he got to the door and heard our big mouths blabbing away inside. Woops!

Here's me doing a kegstand. Earlier in the day, I got married - forgot to mention it.

Anyway, a few hours after the “surprise,” someone (D) decided it was a great idea to do a kegstand. A few people later, the crowd broke out in chants of “Sara!  Sara!  Sara!” (replace with real name here if you know it). At first, I tried to ignore it. I did my best. But the crowd was relentless. I was wearing a dress, so threw on a pair of my sister’s UConn shorts underneath, which now that I think about it, was very appropriate considering the last time I did one was at UConn. I am not the biggest of drinkers, let alone someone who would do a kegstand, so this is probably why everyone thought it was best to pick on me. Little do they know, however, that while I was up there for 11 seconds (good/bad?), only a tiny bit of beer went into my mouth. You see, I figured out a secret. Spray from the tap, but there is no way you can gulp all that beer down at once. I just let it drip out the sides of my mouth and no one could see it. At that rate, I could have gone for 22 seconds, which would have been perfect because then I could have beat out Stephen who was up for 21. Next time.

Later on this summer, I hope to perfect the kegstand.

My goal moving forward will be to start them early and often.

So there you have it. At 31, your friend Sara is still doing kegstands. And this is precisely why I have a blog.

3 Responses to what did YOU do this weekend?

  1. Nicole says:

    That’s so weird because I wrote a blog that I’ll post tonight about how I went on a bit of a “pub crawl” this weekend like some youngin’. At age 32, I’m way past my pub crawl prime.

    But hats off to you! A keg stand is hard core. I bow to you.

    • Sara says:

      haha! Thanks. It was more like a waste of valuable Miller Lite than anything else, since most of it did not end up in my mouth. Good times. I’ll check out your pub crawl post – I think the warm weather definitely brings out our drinking prowess.

  2. Wheels says:

    totally forgot about this. Love the pics. Kegstands… wasn’t on the things to do list when I’m 30. And..you cheated. WHAT!!

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