my new obsession

Biking. Yes, since I can’t run for a few weeks to allow my shinsplints to heal, I’ve decided to take up a new sport to fill in the time. Well, two new sports really…swimming as well. These two new activities should successfully allow me to stay in cardiovascular shape so I can kick it back into full gear with the running obsession in a few weeks. On Saturday, my running partner (L), her friend and I decided to try to treck out to Mt. Vernon from DC on a ridiculously long bike ride. Since I have yet to purchase my own bike, L let me borrow a friend’s mountain bike for the trip. Yes, I rode a mountain bike for 30 miles on Saturday. Yes, my crotch is about to fall off because the seat was so ridiculously uncomfortable. And yes, mountain bikes should just be used on the mountain. Tonight, my extra cash will start being spent on biking instead of running gear. Stopping by a new bike shop in my hood to check out a hybrid/road bike. Not sure which is the best option for me, but all I know is that riding a mountain bike on pavement was pretty much torture. I want to go fast!!! Will let you know how that turns out.

Swimming is another thing I’ve been spending my money on. Dude, swimming is tough. I can pretty much excel at the breast stroke, but crawl stroke? You can’t be serious. That thing is difficult and might take some work. If I could perfect that, then I might be able to sign up for a triathalon. But right now, not happening. I’ll stick with my 10ks. Oh, and I’m thinking a half marathon might be in the works as well. Will keep you posted!

And just a quick note on my last post – I am fine kids! Thanks for the concern. Sometimes I get emotional, and it’s good to get things out. New Guy [should he now be called ‘Old Guy?’] and I will remain friends and it’s all good in the hood. In fact, I went to a wedding with him yesterday (since we had planned it a month or so beforehand). Don’t ask. LOL



One Response to my new obsession

  1. MIA says:

    YAY! I did a tri a few years back and loved it. Wanna sign up for one? I would love to do it again. As for the swimming, I will gladly lend my years of teaching/coaching swimming to you.

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