I tried yoga

So I didn’t make it to the bike shop. Instead, I tried a yoga class. Now, I have tried yoga before, and have never liked it. To me it was just a bunch of people standing around for no apparent reason, doing weird poses. Pilates has always been more my thing, since you are strengthening your core and can actually feel the muscles in action. Well, I figured I’d try yoga again, since it is seemingly good for balance and I thought it might help with my running and prevent injuries.

So, a few things to note about the class I just took:

  1. Is it bad to have a crush on your yoga instructor? Holy crap, between the English accent, him coming around occasionally to help out with the poses in the midst of occasional flirtiness; did that really just happen? I felt like I was in a scene out of a movie. I think I’m in love.
  2. I cannot, for the life of me, do a backbend. I saw him going in for the kill on the demonstration, and said to myself, “is he really doing a backbend?” Yes, a backbend. Apparently, I am no longer in the same shape as I was during middle school gymnastics.
  3. I wasn’t the only one who found the English accent incredibly soothing. At the end of the class, during the meditation warm down period, the guy next to me actually started snoring. Snoring! It took all the strength I had to stop from bursting out in hysterical laughter. Trust me, had my sister Jean been there, it would have been all downhill from there – there would be no controlling it.
  4. Is it bad that during this relaxing meditation warm down period, all I could think about was how the snoring was wonderful blog material? Pretty sure you are supposed to attempt to lose consciousness (as the snorer successfully did), and not focus on reality. I, however, of course could not prevent myself from thinking what a great blog post this whole scenario would make.

I went in planning to take just one class to see if I liked it, and left buying the month unlimited pass. It was a good class, considering all the other classes I’ve gone to in my life were crap compared to this AND the yoga instructor has a certain intrigue about him. I wonder, is that how they get customers? Is the guy gay and just trying to get money? I guess we shall see…can’t hurt to try it again.

Namaste (I don’t even know what that means and think it’s so ridiculous that I don’t want to know),


2 Responses to I tried yoga

  1. Nicole says:

    Yeah, yoga instructors tend to be hot. Except when they’re old guys. But even then they’re still kind of attractive in a “silver fox” type of way because they’re all bendy and sensitive and have beards. I love a man with a beard.

    Namaste is actually quite literal. It’s “I bow to you” hence the reason most people clasp their hands and bow when saying it. See. Not all that ridiculous.

    Enjoy your yoga. Yoga rocks!

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