You know, sometimes I really just wonder what is wrong with me. I have a great guy who treats me like gold, and I like him, but maybe I just don’t like him enough. I tell him we don’t have enough in common. Why can’t I just feel the same way? Or, I really like someone who just isn’t into me like I am into him. Why? What is wrong with me? Will I ever meet someone and like him enough to want to settle down, and vice versa? My apologies if this post is all over the place. But writing usually makes me feel better, and right now I’m just so disappointed that things didn’t work out as I thought they might, and in myself.

I realize that you can’t control who you like and who you don’t, and some things just happen and either are meant to be or aren’t. I am starting to wonder if I am bound to be single forever at this point. Not that there is really anything wrong with that; I have a lot of friends and love being single in DC. But everyone wants to settle down, find that special someone who you ultimately can share the rest of your life with. I keep thinking I am close, and then something, and I wish I knew what that was..holds me back. I just wish it was a little bit easier. I’m sorry, I really am. And I’m sorry I’m being all public about this, but you know me, I like to be dramatic.

I’m sorry.


4 Responses to me

  1. New Guy says:

    Anyone who has ever had the privilege of getting to know you understands how much of a geniune person you truly are. Never settle! When you know what you want, go for it. If the outcome does not fall in your favor at least you’ll never regret not taking the chance (those are the moments you cherish), Luv ya hun.

    Your friend,

  2. Mom says:

    sara …….. mom says ‘it looks to me like you overthink things. if you’re looking for a story book romance, it’s not going to happen! As you said maybe it’s just not meant to be. That’s all there is to it. You sound beside yourself. I feel sad for you but you’ve got to figure it out for yourself.

  3. Sara says:

    okay guys not to worry, I am not beside myself! I just wrote that in the heat of the moment and was a bit emotional at the time. I will be fine, thanks everyone for the concern! 😀

  4. MIA says:

    Hey chica! Its been a while since I’ve caught up with phhh. Sorry to hear you were feeling bummed, don’t worry you aren’t alone, I think the majority of us single ladies feel this way at some point. Just know you’re awesome and the right guy will come along when you least expect it 🙂

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