random funny

So last week at work, many of my counterparts were out of the office. We had a meeting of all the bigwigs in our “organization” (I am using these terms loosely since I don’t want you to know where I work), and our “department” head could not attend. Guess who’s up to represent us? You guessed correctly – Sara. Mind you, I am no expert on this topic. And mind you, usually when this happens, you can kind of hide on the side. No, I get to the table and they specifically tell me that since I’m representing our “department,” I need to sit at the table. This is kind of a big deal. I am representing this woman who has some incredible sway in the “organization,” and sitting at a table with all of the heads of the “organization.” It is beside the point that I want to hide in a corner and hope they don’t call on me, but let me get to my point…my grand entrance.

Picture Sara walking to the meeting all suited up and trying to be all professional. Next, picture Sara walking in her 3 inch pencil heels down the hall toward the conference room. Then, picture Sara getting her 3 inch pencil heel caught in the door walkway (how I managed to do this is beyond my comprehension). Picture me digging my heel so far into the doorway as I’m walking that the entire shoe is ripped from my foot (PAIN) and I’m left with one heel on and the other a step behind me on the floor. My right foot is completely barefoot. Finally, picture me looking up only to see another “department” head in front of me who sees the entire thing, only to make a comment and say “I’m always scared that’s going to happen to me.” And THIS was my entrance into the all important meeting guys. Only me.

P.S. Happy grilled cheese day! Yes, we celebrated this by making grilled cheeses at lunch. Normally I’d complain about the work parties, but this was quite delectable. I heart grilled cheese.


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