race summary – don’t worry, this is the last I’ll write about it (I think)

Okay, I’ve seriously been slacking on the blog posts. I’m sorry! I am back now.  I will try to post daily. Work has been insane so has kept me a bit preoccupied. But what can we do. So…Sara news before we head straight back into the blogosphere is that I ran a 9:44 minute per mile pace for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler. I am so proud of myself considering my injury issues and not being able to train as hard as I would have liked. So, got in under my goal pace of less than a 10 minute mile. YAY ME! I’m now ready for the next race, that is…after I get my shinsplints all squared away and they never bother me again. So, for now, I’ll stick to swimming and biking (as if I need to find another sport to spend my money on). But hey, this is the most in shape I’ve been probably ever, and it feels great.

Let me just talk a little bit about the Cherry Blossom race, since I’m clearly obsessed with running. Let’s do a walk through. First of all, the lines to the port-o-potty’s were INSANE. Thus, I wasn’t able to start with the faster runners so was stuck back with the 10:30/11:00 minute mile pacers. So, the entire race was spent dodging and passing other people, which was slightly annoying. Also, do people not know race etiquette? PEOPLE – as with cars, you pass on the left and walk on the right.  DO NOT WALK ON THE LEFT! I don’t know why this is difficult to comprehend. I almost nailed someone who was using this technique. Seriously people? No. So my running partner and I started off slow, over a 10 minute mile for the first mile. You know, ease into it. Then we picked up the pace and did between a 9:15 and 9:45 the rest of the way. I felt great, until mile 7. Miles 8-10, I honestly thought I might throw up. That, folks, has never happened to me before while running. I’m guessing that was because that is the hardest I have pushed myself in a while. Long runs while training were a breeze compared to this. Then, for the last mile, I got it into my head that I’d run a 8 minute mile pace. What WHAT!?  I’m lucky I didn’t hurl over and die at the finish line, I’ll just be honest. Given that I am still sore from this run and it’s Wednesday, I’d say I pushed myself a bit. 9:44 PR (personal record for those not in the running world)…that’s what I’m talking about! Next year, I’m skipping the Cherry Blossom since it’s too crowded and going for the GW Parkway 10 miler. And I’m going for a 9 minute mile. Yessiree. 😀

A bunch of my friends and my parents watched the race or met me after for the post-game brunch. You know who you are – you guys are AWESOME! Well, probably not the best idea, but post-brunch (which went for 3+ hours mind you), we headed to Marvin rooftop for more fun. Yep, got home too late and probably drank a little too much beer. But what can we do. I’m back folks, but probably not for long. After this shin heals, I’m signing up for another race and shooting for 8 minute miles for 5k and 10k shorter runs. Look out Paula Radcliffe, I’m coming for you.


5 Responses to race summary – don’t worry, this is the last I’ll write about it (I think)

  1. Nicole says:

    Congratulations! Running 10 miles is no easy task. You rock!

    I was a spectator at the Cherry Blossom race (minus any visible cherry blossoms) supporting one of my friends. I wrote a blog about what it’s like to be a race spectator. Because watching people run is soooo hard. LOL.

  2. Sara says:

    Hi Nicole – thanks! Unfortunately, your blog is now blocked at my work! The horrors! I will try to catch up at home sometime, cause you were on my daily blogroll. So depressing. And I have to read this race spectator post too..haha

  3. Sara says:

    P.S. there were two (yes, TWO!!) cherry blossom trees in bloom along the run. 2! Hey, at least we were able to see that. Poor planning cherry blossom gods!

  4. Nicole says:

    My blog is also now blocked for one of my friends at her job. Here I was thinking I was all fancy-pants getting my own URL, only to have my site blocked! Curses!

    Those cherry blossoms sure don’t play around. They bloom and then they’re like “I’m out!” At least you found two that were still in bloom. I hope they were next to each other, like a loving couple.

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