U Street Music Hall, a.k.a. “U Hall”

Wednesday night, I had the most pleasurable experience of stepping into the new U Street Music Hall (hereinafter referred to as, “U Hall,” properly coined by my Tier I Asian, Big D). Now, I am hesitant to blog about U Hall, because I don’t really want anyone to find out about it. U Street has been getting tons of visitors recently, and lines at bars are frankly ridiculous. U Street is losing some of its eclectic individuality and flare with all these newbies coming in. So, for that reason, I am hestitant to write about U Hall. Granted, I went on a Wednesday, but even on a Wednesday, I had a blast. The place is honestly a goldmine. Great music, which varies depending on the DJ, huge dance floor, amazing sound system, and the best part? No dress code, no K Street club like snobbiness, no nonsense. I love it. Best of all, it seemed to attract the good old U Street eclectic crowd, which is the reason I moved here in the first place. U Hall, I love you. Don’t change. U Street needs you.


One Response to U Street Music Hall, a.k.a. “U Hall”

  1. Jen says:

    That place is the shiznit! So pleased to have met a Tier 1 Asian, as well. Bonus.

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