Agenda items this week

Hi guys. Just checking in. This week in the life of Sara, we have a few things going on. First and foremost, running and rest. I ran a good 8 miles or so on Sunday, and of course now my shin splint issues seem to have magnified. Wonder why that is. Regardless, I will probably keep running. Only two, count them, TWO weeks to go till the Cherry Blossom! Now, running this much is making me incredibly hungry and incredibly tired. I just cannot be satiated when eating. And after the little 8 mile jog on Sunday, ordinarily I’d spend the day outside since it was gorgeous out. Unbelievable even to me, physically, I just could not do it. I literally spent the remainder of the day laying around and sleeping. Good times.

On that note – spring is finally here! This past weekend was gorgeous. AND we actually passed health reform last night. I’d say it was a good weekend overall. Good work team.

What else. Well, as you know, U Street Music Hall is officially open for business. So far, I have heard only good things. Maybe, just maybe, I will venture over there this week. Once I do, I will be sure to keep you all posted on how it is. Also in U Street news, Dickson Wine Bar has opened at 9th and U, and so far has some great Yelp reviews. Yet another wine bar called Du Vin Austeria is set to open at 14 and V. Wine bars galore in this area. How did they know how much I enjoy wine? Oh, and I also hear from other bloggers that a new Mexican joint, Pica Taco, will be up and running in this area soon as well. Meh, Mexican. Call me crazy, but I am more excited for the beer garden to open at 14th and S. Yes, maybe I gave up drinking for Lent this year. And woops, maybe I had 1.5 beers on St. Patty’s Day, 2.0 bellini’s on Friday, and 1.0 beer on Saturday. I knew after I allowed myself that St. Patty’s Day binge, it was all downhill from there. Off the wagon. So much for this year’s Coming Out Of Lent (COOL) party. Sorry guys. Fail.


One Response to Agenda items this week

  1. Jean says:

    Glad you’re getting some rest! Make sure you’re tapering for the race at this point…gotta be fresh for the big day!

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