ditzy Sara moments

I’m not sure if anyone else will find these little tidbits amusing, but I felt the need to share. Yesterday, I went swimming instead of running to give my shins a little break. Well, I was doing the back stroke and ended up ramming my head into the pool ledge (brilliant). I am thinking this may have contributed to my recent ditzy and haphazard actions, summarized below in no particular order of importance:

  1. Yesterday morning, we were nearing the end of a meeting at work. As the meeting was coming to a close, something, and I have no idea what, prompted me to say out loud to the entire group, “let’s rock and roll!” As in, “let’s get to work!” What in the world? No clue why that popped into my head or why I said it out loud. To compensate for what I had just inadvertently blurted out, I said, out loud again, “why did I just say that?” to no one in particular. Conversation with myself at a work meeting. Spectacular.
  2. On the way out of the office last night, a few co-workers and I stepped out of the building. I wasn’t watching where I was going so nearly rammed into a barricade. Which is no big deal except that I literally said sorry, to the barricade. What? “Oh sorry.” Seriously?
  3. I generally think I am a fairly patient person. However, this morning at work I fear that I actually lost my patience. We were at a meeting, which was supposed to be quick, but of course ended up going on for 45 minutes. People were asking ridiculous questions for which the person running the meeting could not give a straight answer. They were making things way more complicated than they needed to be; government efficiency at its finest. By minute 45, I was just about done. I didn’t say anything the entire meeting because it was all so ridiculous, but by minute 45, I simply asked, “are we done?” I’m sure I sounded like a complete bit*h, but apparently it struck a cord because everyone burst out laughing and we all promptly got up and left. Woops, did I say that?

2 Responses to ditzy Sara moments

  1. Nicole says:

    LOL. This sounds like me.

    I have “you too” syndrome. I say “you too” even when it doesn’t make sense. I just blurt it out.

    At the airport before I board the plane
    Airport lady: Enjoy your trip.
    Me: You too.

    At Quiznos
    Sandwich-making guy: Enjoy your sandwich.
    Me: You too.

    Movie theater
    Person selling me the ticket: Enjoy the movie.
    Me: You too.

    See. It’s an alarming trend. And then I never want to actually acknowledge that “you too” doesn’t make sense so I just scurry off.

    • Sara says:

      love it, the “you too” syndrome is hilarious. This actually reminds me of my sister, who has the “thanks” syndrome. A few weeks ago, she was walking into her condo building. There was another resident talking to the people at the front desk, and something prompted her to look at the resident and blurt out “THANKS!” and wave to him as she walked by. For no reason at all. This is the stuff Seinfeld episodes are made of.

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