tone it down perhaps?

My apologies, but here I am going to be forced to playfully poke fun at the guy I am dating, New Guy. All in good fun, of course. Again, he asked me not to blog about him, but there is just too much material to work with here.

New Guy works near me, and by “near,” I mean the building next door. This is a problem. You thought I was unproductive in the past? Today I met him for over an hour long lunch (not something we should be doing on the regular here), then proceeded to continue to be unproductive upon returning to the office. Spending this much time outside is not good for me. I come back in, and all work product is lost. Note to self – eat at your desk as often and frequently as possible.

So back to lunch this afternoon. New Guy has this lovely habit of speaking very loudly. He has a deep voice, which tends to…how do we say this…project? I don’t think he is capable of bringing the pitch down at all. So, he will talk loudly in public as well, on our lunch breaks. Now, at lunch, there are a range of topics that we will sometimes discuss. One would think that talking about something in public as personal as your sex life would be toned down. No, apparently this is not on New Guy’s agenda (until now…mwahahhaaaaa). Even if his co-workers happen to be right next to him, it is no matter. Yesterday we met for lunch too (overkill?), and I heard the word “SEX!” blurted out on one too many ocassions. What’s next? “MAGNUMS!” (inside joke), “FOREPLAY!”, “YOU ARE ON YOUR PERIOD?”??? Given that he’s already blurting out something as personal as “SEX!”, I am scared to hear what he might say in the future. It can only get worse.

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