apartment living

How many times does it take for me to go upstairs and kindly ask that my neighbor turn down his music for it to get drilled into his head that his MUSIC IS TOO LOUD???!!! This guy must be dense. The walls, ceilings, and floors are pretty much made of cardboard. Just the other night, New Guy and I were laying around and kept thinking we heard a phone vibrating. Thinking it was mine, I checked. Not mine. Thinking it had to be his, we checked. Not his. That led us to believe that we could actually hear the phone vibrating IN ANOTHER APARTMENT. Yes, that is what we are dealing with here folks. Cardboard. So please, buddy, have some common courtesy. It boggles the mind when people don’t understand that blaring your music at 11pm at night during the week (or any time for that matter) would bother your fellow neighbors. What, you don’t love hearing base vibrating through the walls when you are trying to go to sleep? I do.


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