I think that I am becoming addicted to running. Granted, I have only been training for this little 10 miler for about a month, but I just can’t stop running. I also have now worked up a bit of a shin splint issue, but I still can’t stop running. I am spending an unGodly amount of money on running gear, I run run run and run some more, and then buy more running gear. This past weekend, we ran about 6.5 miles or so on the C&O Canal in Georgetown to Maryland and back, but have no idea what our pace was or exactly how far we went. 6.5 is a guess, but I’d like to say it was 7. Regardless, I have no idea. So, the next purchase is going to be a running watch or something that will keep my pace and distance. I just can’t deal with not knowing anymore. I am addicted and need to quench my thirst to know how far and fast I’m running. Yes, I used to have a simple little watch that just told me the time. However, the battery died and I just decided to throw it out. Why, you ask? I don’t know. This is precisely why I am broke. Last week, I purchased a nice little water bottle type deal to wear on your waist for long runs. Yes, it might have been expensive, but now I look like a professional runner. That is really all that matters.

So I started writing this post yesterday. Since that time, it seems that my shinsplints have worsened. We only ran about 4 miles down to the Mall and back this morning, but it is all concrete. I am going to lose it if I can’t run in this race…after all, I’ve been training for over a month now and went from the first week of wondering if I would even make it 1 mile to running 6.5 and feeling good. What do I do? All indications say to stop running and rest the leg. I can’t do that! It will mess up my training! Unfortunately, given the pain I had this morning, I think rest may be the only option. Do I go to the doctor? What is causing this insanity? I just got two new pairs of shoes! I can’t deal with this. I think I am getting old and maybe my body is just disintegrating over time.

On that note, I’m going to continue researching running watches and running gear. I’m thinking about the Garmin 405, but of course that is ultra expensive. I hear good things about it though. There is also the Nike thing that goes into your shoe, which is hands down far and away way cheaper than the Garmin, but I’m not sure how I feel about running with my iPhone on my arm. Knowing my incredible budgeting skills, I will go with the Garmin. Recommendations appreciated!


3 Responses to running

  1. Wheels says:

    Ok, Forrest Gump…just keep on running. The iphone has an app for running- including distance, time, speed, pace, calories burned, elevation, and path traveled on a map.

    • Sara says:

      yeah I believe you are referring to the mapmyrun app – I didn’t find it all that impressive. I ran five miles and it told me I ran 2.7…so wouldn’t call it all that accurate. Think I might just get the Nike watch to save some money, rather than the Garmin.

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