U Street Music Hall opening

Hate to harp on what other bloggers are blogging about, but I am a tad bit excited to hear this. U Street Girl reports that there will soon be a new dance club opening on U Street, something the area direly needs. Really, I am fairly certain that it is the only thing missing from the U Street corridor. Just the other night, for example, my friends came all the way from across the river in Arlington to visit me. They are sometimes the clubbing type. And sure enough, midnight rolled around, and they wanted to club. As luck would have it, there are no real clubs on U Street (minus, perhaps, DC9 – which, while hilarious, it is not necessarily a large club). Because of the lack of dancing options, my friends ended up in Dupont, much to my dissatisfaction. This problem can soon be avoided with the new U Street Music Hall opening on March 17th. Slap me silly, I’m excited.


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