HUSH Supper Club

Okay guys – my apologies for the delay on this one, I know many of you were waiting for my review. As you know from a prior post, I got a seat at the new HUSH Indian Supper Club in the U Street area last Thursday night. Well, it was an experience. I have a lot to say, so here goes…

Overall, I would say that this was a positive experience for me and the food was great. However, I’ll just put a disclaimer out there that this was Geeta’s (woman running supper club and cook) second time putting this on. So, she definitely has some kinks to work out.

There really was only one negative about how she put it on. The arrival time was 7pm. However, I didn’t leave until a little before midnight. That’s right, midnight folks. One would expect the courses to come out one after the other, which was not the case. At one point, we waited at least an hour between the first and second course. I was flabbergasted. Apparently others were too because a number of people left before dessert was even served (which was at about 11:15pm). I would think that she will grow to perfect this whole “timing” issue in the future, but who knows.  So if you go, please plan to put in a good five hours of your life. Hopefully this kink is worked out in the future, because otherwise I would give it all positive reviews.

EXCEPT that this is a “social” dinner club. This has nothing to do with how she put it on, it is just the nature of the beast. You need to go in knowing that you will be dining with complete strangers who could have one or two screws loose. On Thursday, there were two couples, a brother and sister, two girlfriends, and then five ballsy single individuals (myself included). I knew I was in for some trouble when one of the single guys started focusing his attention on me almost immediately upon entering the door. I, for one, did not go into it thinking that I’d leave with a husband, but apparently finding a mate was on his agenda. This guy was incredibly annoying. He sat entirely too close to me during “storytelling hour,” sat next to me at the main table (naturally), and proceeded to get more and more drunk as the night progressed. He tried explaining to me that Asians look the way they do because of the food that they eat. Really? During one of the many breaks between courses, Geeta passed around this unusual spice. Dude thought it would be totally normal to lick his finger and stick it into the spice so that he could have a taste. Yes, she uses this spice for food. This, folks, is why restaurants are inspected. So, be prepared for some random weirdos if you do go. Everyone else, however, seemed normal and I genuinely enjoyed most of the conversations I had.

Okay so the positives! Here was how it worked…we walked in, everyone was given a drink (except me and a 20 year old – me because I gave up drinking for Lent [does Jesus not have the worst timing ever?], and 20 year old because he’s 20). We socialized for about an hour before making our way to the table for the appetizer, which was some sort of bread and this amazing chutney. Then we had “storytelling hour” back in her living room. This was when annoying guy was basically almost sitting on my lap. He was getting so drunk that he actually snorted at one point…wish I could have videotaped that one. During storytelling hour, she hands around the spices and explains the significance of each spice and explains Indian food and culture. Interesting discussion. Geeta likes to talk, that is for sure. Could also be why this ended up going on entirely too long.

appetizer – amazing chutney
spices from storytelling hour

A good bit later, we took our seats again and had the first course, including some sort of chickpea bean contraption (delicious), some red pepper mix (also excellent), and some type of yogurt to cool down the chickpea contraption. This part of the course was excellent. Then, we waited AN HOUR for the next course. I thought it was a joke or something, but no – we waited an hour. Next up, and I did not take a picture of this, was a more tame soupy mixture of some type of corn based mixture (I should really get the menu – this is not helpful). This was good. Did not fit my perceived Indian food stereotype of spicy; instead she equated it to something like macaroni and cheese in the US, comfort food.

first course
red bell peppers and yogurt

Annoying Guy had to leave before dessert. On his way out, he looked at me, pointed, and said, “I’ll talk to YOU later.” Really? Wasn’t aware I gave him my contact information. Who knew I’d meet such amazing individuals at HUSH.

About half an hour to 45 minutes after finishing the second course, we were finally served dessert, which consisted of tea and some sort of carrot mixture. Good, but didn’t blow me away by any means. Some were saying they expected something sweeter for an Indian dessert. I really was expecting to get more food, to be honest. But the food we did get was great. So, overall, I would recommend it just for the experience. If you enjoy dinner parties, Indian food, and meeting new people, then this is definitely for you. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, don’t care to meet anyone new, and are not the social type – definitely skip it. There were not any private tables that night, despite being advertised on the website. If anyone does get a seat, please let me know what you think and if the timing issue has improved!


9 Responses to HUSH Supper Club

  1. Nicole says:

    Thanks for much for your report on the experience! I was wondering what you’d say it was like. While I’m intrigued and interested in the experience, wow, five hours is a long time. Yikes.

    • Sara says:

      well, hopefully she has worked out this little kink. Otherwise, I would definitely recommend it. It’s really just like going to a dinner party.

  2. NOT a DC Lawyer says:

    this whole thing sounds like a money making racket. you could get the same meal for $10 at any number of Indian restaurants…and it wouldn’t take five hours.

    just out of curiousity, when is the cash collected? and what happens if someone needs change, or doesn’t have enough cash, or wants to pay by check, etc?

    also does her house really seat 16?

    • Sara says:

      She gives you an envelope at the end of the meal and you put your money in there. When I was there, she asked for $50 but of course I only had $20s so gave her $60. Suppose you could have asked for change but no one did, it was kind of just a give what you want type thing. Honestly, you didn’t have to give anything if you didn’t want to, she didn’t check to make sure you were paying. Her house could seat 16 but I think it was only 12 when I was there.

  3. Steve says:

    This is a lame review. It doesn’t mention a single dish by its name – this is a food review, yes? And so so self-centered (men hitting on me, poor me). Come on – if you’re going to write a food review – at least say something about the food rather than this meta-crap.

    • Sara says:

      Sorry you had to read this Steve. I was writing about both the food and the experience, and I did say the food was excellent. This is not a foodie blog, sorry to disappoint.

  4. cindy says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, although as someone familiar with Indian food, her menu is very mediocre– the equivalent of a hamburger, shake and fries in American cuisine.

    Is Geeta her real name? If not, does she tell diners her real name? It seems really weird to give out all that info about yourself to someone who’s anonymous.

    Just wondering, were you not concerned about health issues? Also, what if someone showed up and turned out to be the police, or even a robber? (all that cash being collected…)

    Regarding your earlier comment, since apparently the envelopes have names on them, presumably she’d come after anyone who didn’t pay the stipulated amount.

    Also the kink you mention, seems to be on purpose based on her website. So i’m curious why people weren’t aware it would take 5 hours.

    • Sara says:

      I thought Geeta was her real name, but I could be wrong. She just seems to be way too trusting about the whole operation and having complete strangers in her house, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it is her real name.

      I haven’t checked the website recently, but I’ll take a look regarding the 5 hour thing. I did not put my name on the envelope so not sure how she could come after people. It really is just an “honor” system.

      Wasn’t concerned about health issues, but then again, I can be fairly naive. lol

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