this week on U Street

Hi all. My apologies that I didn’t get more pics up from Utah, but you know the deal. Alex’s pics were way better than mine anyway, so the ones I posted yesterday will have to suffice. I was so tired that I was lucky to have uploaded everything to facebook last night. While I was pretty terrified of many of the trails at Snowbird, now I want to go back. I walk and feel like I should be skiing down a slope. Talk about ski overload, in a good way. Not only that, but I went for a jog this morning and felt like I could run ten miles (we did five). Guess my red blood cell count really is higher from the altitude. Interesting. Maybe I’ll head back to Utah right before the race so I can run ten miles no problem on April 11th.

Anyway, point of this post is to brag to everyone that I got a seat to the “super secret” HUSH supper club on Thursday. That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Check out this fabulousness – Indian food (one of my faves), meet random people seated at the “social” table (could it get any better?), its in my neighborhood (U Street), can learn how to cook some of the things (my new hobby), and then just give a donation at the end of the meal ($50 recommended is a bit steep but I’m sure it’s totally worth it). You can read about how it works here. I am pumped and will report on how it is on Friday!


4 Responses to this week on U Street

  1. Nicole says:

    Wow. I’ve never heard of the HUSH supper club. Thanks for the links. Learn something new every day. The concept sounds incredibly fun and interesting. Please make sure you post your opinion of the experience. If it’s worth the $50 to $75, I totally want to check it out. My friend and I were just talking about going to an Indian restaurant soon. We might do this instead.

  2. Jean says:

    Who’s the fool that extended you that invitation? Just kidding, I’m mildly jealous, I don’t belong that anything that is exclusive 🙂

  3. Sara says:

    I will definitely let you all know how it is. Jean – gotta laugh at your comment. So typical. lmao

  4. Sara says:

    sorry the review is so slow guys! I wanted to write an extensive review but just haven’t had a chance. I will try to condense it and post tomorrow. 🙂

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