Hello again. I’m back from Salt Lake. What a trip. My sister tried to prepare me for the ridiculousness of the mountain that is Snowbird, and she was right. The skiing was intense. Apparently that and Alta (mountain right next to it) are the two most difficult in the US. While I was by no means careening down the mountain like some of the more advanced skiers do, I am happy to say that I made it out alive. Just a bit sore and recovering from the higher altitude, oh and my blood pressure is probably back to normal. I was honestly scared shitless at some points, not going to lie. But the powder (mostly at Alta) made it all well worth it. At work now, but will try to upload some pics when I get home. I did take some good ones!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend, I hear it was warm here in DC which I am most definitely looking forward to. Till next time…

UPDATE: got some pics in the meantime from Alex – these are some keepers…

view of Salt Lake City

top of Snowbird

Mineral Basin, Snowbird

Mineral Basin, Snowbird


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