heading to Utah!

Hey kids, just a quick note to let you know that I am going to take another mini-hiatus from blogging. Just for the long weekend, don’t you worry. I am heading out this afternoon to go visit Dave in Utah.  Dave is my sister’s boyfriend, and she is not coming on this trip (mwahahahahaaa). It’s just me and Alex this time around. I am a tad bit perturbed though because my sisters will be skiing up north this weekend, having some good familial bonding time without me. I guess I can’t complain much though since I will be on one of the best mountains in the country. Booyah

Anyway, I am BEYOND pumped for this trip, because I have never been out west to ski. Utah has not been getting that much snow recently, but low and behold, Dave just informed me that they may get two feet of it tomorrow. I told him a few weeks ago that I would bring the snow with me from DC, and I guess it panned out. Double booyah

So excited I can not even describe. On that note, wish me luck that I do not resort to drinking on the flight out there. I hate flying; scared of heights and also borderline claustrophobic. Ordinarily, I’d have a drink if I start panicking (this happened once on my trip out to Vegas), but I conveniently just gave up drinking for Lent. Yes, that’s 40 days with not even a sip of alcohol folks. Let’s hope I don’t have to resort to booze on the plane today.

If I don’t get anything posted this weekend, see you all on Tuesday!


3 Responses to heading to Utah!

  1. Helen says:

    Have a blast! Its funny too that you are hanging with jean’s boyfriend and she is spending the weekend with mine! ha ha ha

  2. Wheels says:

    So… did you fly without drinking any alcohol?

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