Does anyone else find it incredibly annoying when you are sitting next to someone, usually on the metro (naturally), who will not stop sniffling? Dude, blow your nose. How is this so difficult? Whenever this happens, I am usually SO annoyed that I am forced to leave my seat in order to avoid the sniffler. The problem arises when it is a crowded train and getting up from my seat would mean touching a metro pole. Im not sure which option is worse. However, with each sniffle, my blood pressure rises and I’m just a little bit closer to pulling my hair out. Who wants to be interupted in their morning reading or game of air hockey (iPhone) every 10 or so seconds with the most annoying, gross sound ever? Not I. I’d rather hear you gabbing at 9am than that crap. Already I have heard at least 20 sniffles just writing this. Seriously buddy? Also, in my limited annoying sniffler experience, it is always a guy who is the culprit. Interesting.

On that note, I am being forced to move seats. Oh wait look! He just got up and moved. Was I doing something annoying? Regardless, saved. Gotta love the metro.


4 Responses to Snifflers

  1. Nicole says:

    Snifflers are the least of Metro’s problems what with all the deaths and derailings and fires. Riding Metro is dangerous these days! But, yes, snifflers are annoying. As is the person with the persistent cough that seems to be at every place of employment I’ve ever worked.

  2. Jean says:

    I think throat clearers are even worse than snifflers. Nicole will relate to this, as on spring break one year I was sharing a bed with a throat clearer. We were forced to kick him out of our room is was so annoying. Also, Liv’s b/f is a throat clearer. Way worse than sniffler in my opinion.

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